» » » Test Your Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Homelessness in Montgomery County?

Test Your Knowledge: How Much Do You Know About Homelessness in Montgomery County?

How many people experience homelessness in Montgomery County on any given day?

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According to the 2017 Point-in-Time Count, there are 840 people experiencing homelessness on any given day in Montgomery County.

What causes people to experience homelessness?

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All of these answers are reasons why someone might experience homelessness! There are many things that can cause someone to experience homelessness, and often these circumstances are out of our control.

What are some of the solutions MCCH provides to end homelessness?

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Emergency shelter, advocacy, permanent supportive housing, and buying properties that will remain affordable are all ways that MCCH is helping to end homelessness in Montgomery County, MD.

What is the value of meals donated annually by the community at MCCH’s men’s shelter?

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Over 1,000 meals are donated to our men's emergency shelter by caring community members, totaling in $116,000 of donated food. MCCH only pays $12,000 annually to supplement these donations! Learn how you can donate a meal.

What percentage of people who have experienced homelessness and entered MCCH's permanent housing programs remain stably housed after one year?

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It's true! Thanks to dedicated case managers and our emphasis on Harm Recuction and Trauma Informed Care, most of our clients remain stably housed after one year!

Ending homelessness in Montgomery County means no one will experience homelessness ever again.

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People will always experience homelessness because it often happens without warning. Our goal is to reach functional zero, which means that the number of people entering homelessness during a month's time is the same number as people exciting homelessness.

What is the annual income needed by a single parent with a toddler and infant to live without ANY public assistance in Montgomery County.

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Now you know more about homelessness in Montgomery County! Remember to share this with your friends and family so they can test their knowledge too! And if you'd like to get involved with MCCH, email volunteer@mcch.net for more information!

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4 Responses

  1. jo dixon
    | Reply

    i work two jobs and make less than 50. i have two kids. your figures are crazy.

  2. Steve Olin
    | Reply

    A question: Are the 1,000 “meals” that are donated for the entire group of residents, or by a “meal” do you mean food for 1 individual for, say, a dinner? I assume you mean a meal for the entire group of residents, since they are valued at $116/meal.

  3. Hidayah Anderson
    | Reply

    I only participated based on my experience as a former homeless on the virgue of becoming homeless as soon as I loose my temporary job again. I wish families in homeless shelters are given more than 30 days in shelter before putting them out kicking them out for not getting jobs right away, given the highest stress some one is in at that point, it’s very troubling situation.

    Thank you.

  4. Danita
    | Reply

    Greetings, the quiz is a great way in staying informed with stats of homelessness…thank you,

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