An Action & Awareness Event is an ongoing opportunity for companies and organizations at their location. There are 2 aspects, one building awareness and the other providing an activity. The first segment includes an engaging message about the issue of homelessness in our county and the ways MCCH is working to address it. It’s followed by the group completing a project like making bagged lunches for the men at our shelter. For this activity groups have the supplies on site and we transport the completed lunches directly to the shelter. Generally groups finish in an hour or less. So far group sizes have ranged from 8 to 24 participants.

Contact us if you have any questions. We are so thankful for you!

Please let me know if you’d like help with a next step. We are thankful for your teams willingness to support people experiencing homelessness!

A&A supplies
Our best estimates for gathering lunch bag meal supplies is the following. Items can be ordered from a grocery store with delivery service or someone can do a trip to Costco which can save significantly. For the last event, one of the employees went with her children and got to expose them to what’s involved in helping others.

Action & Awareness Event Supplies 
100 Bag Lunches
Sandwiches (2 for each lunch)
22 loaves of bread: 400 pieces for 200 sandwiches. 18 slices a loaf
600 slices of lunch meat (turkey or ham): 3 pieces for 200 sandwiches.
200 slices of cheese
100 Fruit / fruit cup /applesauce
100 Water bottles (will stay separate from items in lunch bag)
200 Baggies for sandwiches
100 Paper bags
Plastic gloves for handling food
Sharpies/marker for writing type of meat on lunch bag
Boxes to send lunch bags to shelter

For 100 Breakfast Bags
100 Bagels
100 Fruit / fruit cup /applesauce
100 Granola or breakfast bar
100 100% juice box or milk
100 Baggies for bagels
100 Paper Bags
Plastic gloves for handling food
Sharpies/marker for writing type of bagel on lunch bag