Homelessness is unacceptable. If you believe that everyone deserves the dignity of a home, there are several ways you can advocate on behalf of your neighbors and make your voice heard.

Advocacy Alerts

MCCH will send you periodic Advocacy Alert emails when important issues and decisions are being made by federal, state and local government regarding homelessness and affordable housing. These emails will instruct you on how to advocate in favor of policies and funding that will prioritize ending homelessness in our community.

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Resource Cards

We are often asked what people should do when they encounter a panhandler. First, it is important to know that not everyone who chooses to panhandle is experiencing homelessness, and not everyone experiencing homelessness will choose to panhandle.

While it is ultimately a personal decision whether or not to give anything to panhandlers, MCCH encourages you to give panhandlers a Resource Card, which lists a variety of resources for people in crisis, including food, clothing, employment services and shelter. Contact us to request copies of our resource cards to be mailed to you.

Community Walks

Organizing a community walk is a great way for schools, camps, congregations, businesses, and other local organizations to increase awareness of the issue of homelessness while raising critical funds for MCCH. Contact us at volunteer@mcch.net to learn how you can organize a community walk.