As we all face the challenge of this public health crisis, it is more important now than ever that we turn towards our community and ask ourselves, how can we support the most vulnerable among us? 


3 ways you can support MCCH and our clients as we deal with COVID-19

1. Contribute to the MCCH Care During COVID-19 Fund
The pandemic has affected MCCH and our clients immensely. There have been ongoing increased expenditures as we continue to serve people in our emergency shelter and permanent supportive housing programs. We have expanded our shelter capacity to serve 200 men this summer, compared to the 65 we usually serve in the summer season.

Donating to the Care During COVID-19 Fund:

  • Provides meals to the men at our shelter
  • Ensures our formerly homeless clients in their homes scattered across the county are safe
  • Provides support our dedicated staff during this time.

Donate Now

2. Join the 30x30 Move-In Kit Challenge

Help men moving out of our emergency shelter and into homes of their own by providing a move-in kit! This collection of essential household items provides someone with all the physical items they need to be successful in their new home. Provide a move-in kit or hold a collection drive with your own community so your neighbors can finally be safe at home.

Provide a Move-In Kit  

3.  Provide a Meal for the Shelter and Formerly Homeless Clients

  • Donate a meal for men in our emergency shelters
  • Donate a meal to our 2 veterans Safe Haven shelters (Email for more information)
  • Donate meals to food insecure families and people in supportive housing (Email for more information)

Provide a Meal


4.  Provide Supplies for the Shelter and Formerly Homeless Clients


To ensure the safety of donors, staff and the people we serve, we offer a No Contact Drop Off at all our locations.


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