Our HBCAC men’s emergency shelter provides three meals per day, 365 days per year to the men we serve. Because we do not have the capacity to cook food on-site, we rely on our community to donate prepared meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

Preparing and donating a meal for the men we serve is a wonderful community service activity for individuals, families, groups, or congregations. While staying to serve is not a requirement, we welcome the opportunity for our volunteers to serve their donated meal and engage with the men at the shelter.

Bringing back our meal donors to serve!

We are delighted to take steps forward so volunteers can join us in person at the men’s shelter to serve meals. Volunteers will need to be fully vaccinated and submit proof of vaccination prior to their day of service by emailing it to volunteer@mcch.net.  Being fully vaccinated means having taken the applicable vaccination and booster shots.  A maximum of 5 volunteers will be able to join us at one meal. MCCH is fortunate to have many groups provide a meal.   We ask that one person take the lead to let us know who will be onsite serving at least 4 days prior to the day of service. 

MCCH Onsite Volunteer Guideline for Safety

  • MCCH volunteers including meal servers are required to be fully vaccinated
  • A maximum of 5 volunteers are able to serve a meal at the men’s shelter
  • Volunteers can email Vaccination Cards to volunteer@mcch.net prior to serving day
  • Volunteers will complete brief onsite screening questionnaire upon arrival
  • N95 Masks are required while on MCCH site premises. Face Masks are also available for volunteers.

All meals must be scheduled in advance using our online tool. Please provide plates, utensils and cups with each meal donation. Follow the link below to sign up today. You can also download the PDFs linked below to see complete details on how to sign up, when where to deliver your meal, recipes our clients enjoy, and other frequently asked questions.

We are also in need of meals for our programs throughout the county, which range from 5-30 clients. This opportunity is great for families or smaller groups who can't commit to providing meals for the shelter but want to cook for a smaller amount of people. If you're interested in providing a meal for a small group of clients, please contact volunteer@mcch.net. 

Questions? Contact meals@mcch.net to learn more.

Unable to prepare and donate a meal? We welcome any of the following items at our HBCAC men’s emergency shelter, located at 11600 Nebel St. N. Bethesda MD, 20852.

  • Breakfast items — boxes of cereal, gallons of milk or orange juice, coffee, tea, creamer and sugar
  • Lunch or dinner foods — whole cooked rotisserie chickens, family-sized frozen lasagnas, lunch meat, loaves of sandwich bread, or family-sized frozen vegetables
  • Bottled water, granola bars, and other healthy snack items are always welcome