Covid challenges continue in our community.  For people who’ve experienced homelessness at MCCH’s shelters and in supportive housing, this is especially true.   Our Holiday Giving effort is designed to bring joy and hope through providing gifts, food, and care to families and individuals. 

Choose a part YOU can play this year!

Holiday Gifts

Gifts can bring joy to any celebration.  Sign up here to provide a gift card present for a family or an individual: 

MCCH Holiday Gifts



MCCH attn: Holiday gifts

405 E Gude Dr, Suite 209 Rockville 20850


Drop Off:    M-F, 9am – 4:30pm


Deadline for drop-off OR delivery is Friday, December 10.


Why gift card presents?   MCCH has a history of gathering a list of specific items but our current reality makes that difficult.  Plus gift cards are incredibly popular with the people we serve as they typically don’t have funds to purchase items beyond the very basics.  

Holiday Stockings or Gift Bags  

Stockings and Gift bags can make a holiday especially joyful.  Grab a group and put together something special for people.  Here are some suggestions on items:

Men: socks, lotion, chapstick, candy, playing cards, mints/gum,

Women: socks, soap, lotion, deodorant, chapstick, candy, notepad & pen, potpourri

Teens: candy, chips, stickers, sticky notes, fuzzy socks, lip balm, fidget toy, fun pens

Children: candy, chips, stickers, toys, games, socks, art supplies, stickers


Email to let us know how many you would like to provide.  


Deadline for drop-off OR delivery is Friday, December 10.


Holiday Meals 

A meal communicates care in a powerful way.   People who experienced homelessness often lose their support connections and struggle with feeling valued.   Provide meals and let people know they matter!

120 meals – Men’s shelter, Rockville

13 meals - Veteran Safe Haven shelter, Laytonsville

9 meals – Veteran Safe Haven shelter, Silver Spring

60 meals - families & individuals at Seneca, Gaithersburg

32 meals - Cordell Place, Bethesda

5 meals - 8 different Hope Housing homes, Rockville/Gaithersburg/Germantown


Email if you’d like to be involved!


Meals welcomed on or close to Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years