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Part Time
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General Description: Monitors the overall conduct and behavior of the residents/clients in the facilities. Assists in meeting the basic needs of the clients/residents.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
• Ensures that clients are safe and secure from internal and external elements.
• Ensures that clients/residents have all their basic supplies and needs such as toiletries, laundry detergent, including replenishing and stocking supplies.
• Monitors and provides feedback of housekeeping chores to residents and assists in maintaining cleanliness and safety of the house.
• Records nightly census.
• Maintains log notes that should document all important and relevant incidences and briefs next staff at shift change.
• Provides a “listening” ear for clients/residents and facilitates conflict resolution.
• Monitors the conduct and behavior of residents/clients, reporting any unusual circumstances and creates incident reports for Case Manager or House Manager.
• Conducts room checks and assigns/assists residents with minor tasks such as laundry.
• Provides emergency intervention in response to hostile situations and crises and follows protocol to address emergencies to include contacting the Case Manager, Program Director and/or calling 911 when applicable.
• Monitors medication of clients.
• Completes food preparation with clients in the life skills kitchen.
• Replenishes office supplies and forms as needed.
• Evaluates and addresses minor household maintenance repairs and tasks.
• Maintains a clean staff working environment.
• Serves as the primary contact person for the house during shift.
• Participates in regular staff meetings and organization’s staff retreat.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• High school graduate or GED.
• Minimum 6 to 12 months related experience. Will consider combination of qualifications equal to educational and work experience.
• Ability to write routine reports and documents.
• Ability to solve problems, negotiate and deal with a variety of concrete variables.
• Knowledge and experience in administering CPR and minor first aid.
• Ability to establish and maintain positive working relationships.


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