MCCH serves more than 1,700 individuals each year. Our clients include:

  • Single Adults – Each year, MCCH serves 750+ men and women in emergency shelter programs and more than 250 men and women in permanent supportive housing.
  • Families – Nearly 150 families with 275+ children are currently living in our permanent supportive housing programs.
  • Veterans – MCCH serves approximately 75 veterans annually in two programs:
    • VA Safe Havens supports 50 male and female veterans with mental illness in emergency shelter. These veterans will most often end their homelessness through vouchers provided by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, following six months in our program to regain the daily tasks of living and address the challenges that led to their experience of homelessness.
    • Operation Homecoming provides 24 veterans, including 4 families with veteran heads of household, with permanent supportive housing following their experience of homelessness.

We are proud of the significant role we played in ending veteran homelessness in Montgomery County at the end of 2015. Learn more about this extraordinary achievement here.