MCCH operates nine permanent supportive housing (PSH) programs to connect people who have experienced homelessness to stable, permanent housing along with the services they need to ensure they never experience homelessness again. Each year, MCCH serves nearly 800 men, women, and children, including veterans, living in 400+ households throughout Montgomery County.

All PSH clients receive two critical types of support in order to remain in stable housing:

  • Rental Assistance — PSH clients pay 30% of their income towards rent, regardless of the source or amount of their income. The balance of their rent is paid through vouchers or MCCH funding.
  • Ongoing Supportive Services — Each PSH client receives ongoing support from a dedicated social worker to address the issues that led to their homelessness and connect them to resources they need to remain stably housed.

MCCH's PSH programs are incredibly effective. 98% of our PSH clients do not return to the experience of homelessness.


Each of our PSH programs serves a distinct population in order to meet their needs with appropriate resources. Learn more about each program below.

Seneca Heights Apartments

Serves 40 single adults and 17 families with more than 30 children at a renovated Econo Lodge in Gaithersburg.

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Partnership for Permanent Housing

Serves over 125 families with more than 250 children, as well as 60 single adults in homes throughout the county.

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Cordell Place

Serves 32 single men and women in a renovated office building downtown Bethesda.

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Operation Homecoming

Serves veterans with disabilities, including 19 single adults and 5 families, in various locations throughout the county.

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Home First 

Serves 30 chronically homeless single adults in Silver Spring. 

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Hope Housing

Serves 40 single adults and 2 families with disabilities in various locations throughout the county.

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Keys First

Serves 25 individuals and 3 families who have experienced chronic homelessness, now living in various locations throughout the county.

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Creative Housing Initiative Program

Serves 16 formerly homeless individuals in an apartment complex in Germantown, including those who have been frequent users of the emergency medical and corrections systems.

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Vulnerability Initiative Program

Serves 15 adults deemed the county’s most medically vulnerable.

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