At MCCH we’ve been uplifting men, women, children and veterans out of homelessness and into permanent housing since 1990. When we say that our goal is to end homelessness in Montgomery County, we aim to make homelessness a rare, brief, and nonrecurring experience.

While we operate successful programs, advocate for systemic change, and expand the supply of permanent housing, we understand that no matter how robust the county’s system of care becomes, there will always be neighbors who will fall into homelessness and will need our help.

Planned giving — including MCCH in your will and estate planning — is a simple way to leave a legacy of caring to your County neighbors in need. You can continue the work towards ending homelessness and make possible life transformations for those who have experienced homelessness beyond your lifetime.

A bequest is a simple way to remember MCCH in your estate planning.  Here is some simple suggested bequest language you can use in your will:


Cash Bequest

Designate a specific dollar amount or percentage of assets for MCCH in your will.

Retirement Bequest

List MCCH as the beneficiary of your retirement plan, including IRAs, tax-sheltered annuities, qualified pension plans, or your profit-sharing plan. Insurance policies: List MCCH as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy.

Consult your estate attorney or tax adviser to learn how to set up a bequest. You will need our name, address and Tax ID number as listed here:

Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless
600 E. Gude Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
Tax ID #52-1735674

Once you have made your designation, we would be honored if you would send us a copy of the page mentioning MCCH in your document.

If you have any questions, contact Donor Relationship Manager Derek Longbrake at or 301-339-8404.

Thank you for thinking generously!